Executive Committee Members are as follows:

  • President-Jeff Wagner
  • Vice-President-Bob Wolf
  • Treasurer-Dick Meier
  • Secretary-Audrey Thurn

Members of the Board of Directors:

  • Sue Bartels
  • Bev Geske
  • Ginger Chrobak
  • Jule Henry
  • Jackie Schmieder
  • Barb Mather
  • Jeff Musson
  • Moira McKinney-Steffen
  • Sheila Widule
  • Terrie Bowman
  • Kuziej, John
  • Moore, Linda
  • Kathy Dolch
  • Eileen Daniel
  • Bob Wolf
  • Jim Barnes
  • Tracey Barnes
  • Rick Covin
  • Beth Svehlek

NATH was established as a Wisconsin corporation on August 14, 2009. We are an IRS registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Corporate Officers were elected on September 9, 2009.

President's Corner 2017

President's Annual Report to The Board of Directors

Everyone deserves shelter. Every shelter needs a strong, solid foundation. Since opening its doors in 2011, the solid foundation of Frederick Place has been the people.
Our hard working and valuable staff, our dedicated Board of Directors and dozens of our outstanding volunteers.
As we look back to our many years of success with pride, I also encourage you to look ahead to the bright future that awaits our NATH/Frederick Place board. As we take on new challenges in the upcoming year, create new events to strengthen our financial resources and work together to accomplish our mission, I invite you to enjoy the journey.
Be assured that those in great need are very well served because of everything that you do.
Thank you for your service. Know that because of you, every moment that you share your time and talents, you are strengthening the foundation.
The list of events and projects is extremely aggressive. Together we
will find success in each one.
As we move forward into 2018 and beyond, ENJOY THE RIDE.
Respectfully Submitted
Jeff Wagner NATH Board President


Peter Rasmussen - President of the Board 
March 9th, 2016

Since incorporating on August 12 of 2009 NATH’s primary focus has been to serve the homeless within our community. Included in our Vision Statement is the inclusion of deepening public awareness of homelessness through efforts of individual members of the Board of Directors, the Executive Director and the staff of Frederick Place. As a result we have achieved a level of community support that many shelters are still striving to achieve.

We must remain mindful of that support and continue to express our gratitude and thanks to those individuals, businesses, faith communities and civic organizations who have partnered with us to achieve this success. While our operating budget has increased in each consecutive year of operation, we have managed to finished in the black every year. This success is a direct result of determination and efforts of our current and past Board members together with our community partners. While we can be proud of our accomplishments, much work faces us in the years ahead.

Frederick Place has now been in continuous operation for over five years. During these years we have been privileged to serve over 450 residents. Unfortunately, homelessness across our great country and in our local community has not been eliminated. On the contrary, in 2015 we accommodated 125 residents which is the largest number of residents to occupy our facility in any given year since opening our doors. In 2015 we had several successful fund raising activities that surpassed our expectation; unfortunately others fell short of our expectations. Cumulatively the results of these activities brought in less than our projected revenues for the year. We experienced lower than expected operating cost, primarily due to an unexpected loss of staff and continued operation below optimum staffing levels for a large portion of the year. As a result we finished the year in the black once again. Thankfully, we are fully staffed once more. This has reduced the burden our staff has had to shoulder, but has increased our financial obligations.

Whether lower operating revenues and an increased number of residents can be directly attributed to a shrinking middle class within our society is unclear. What remains clear is that growing numbers of our brothers and sisters and their families are facing poverty. Statistics maintained by the Executive Director and the staff of Frederick Place during our first five years emphasize the continuing need within our community to provide safe haven for our neighbors and friends experiencing homelessness.

As we move forward in 2016 you will see an effort to reinvigorate our “Thousand Give a Hundred” program. In addition, our Community Outreach and Fundraising Committee continues to find new venues for gathering financial resources. Most importantly our Board of Directors and the staff of Frederick Place remain committed to serving our community by working to prevent and end homelessness. We all must strive to develop additional allies in this just cause.

In closing I thank each of you for your contribution and find myself blessed to have the opportunity to serve with you.

Peter Rasmussen, NATH President


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