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Executive Committee Members:

  • President - Jeff Wagner

  • Vice President - Bob Wolf

  • Treasurer - Dick Meier

  • Secretary - Beth Svehlek

Members of the Board of Directors:

  • Jim Barnes

  • Tracey Barnes

  • Scott Borths

  • Terrie Bowman

  • Rhonda Buss

  • Ginger Chrobak

  • Rick Covin

  • John Kuziej

  • Barb Mather

  • Scott Meier

  • Linda Moore

  • Jeff Musson

  • Diane Pierre

  • Jacki Quinn

  • Jackie Schmieder

  • Moira McKinney-Steffen

  • Chad Swanson

  • Sheila Widule

  • Chad Lynch


President's Corner 2020

A look back at the year 2019 must make our entire board feel very proud.  We had a successful year financially, met many of our goals and created numerous new NATH-Frederick Place supporters. 

I believe all of your previous years of hard work building a strong foundation for our cause are finally paying true dividends.  The success of several annual fund raisers continue to make many more people aware of what we represent and who we are. 

My message to the board is "Thank You" for your hard work and dedication to our NATH mission.  I honestly can say you are the finest group of people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Last but certainly not least is our outstanding staff and Frederick Place.  Under Tammy's leadership and the compassion and dedication of our wonderful house staff we are truly gifted.  Our board owes you a great deal of thanks.

To each of you, I share what Jesus said;  "Well done my good and faithful servants".

God Bless all of you.

Jeff Wagner

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